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PHP for filling in app boxes?


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My granddaughter is online school at our house 5 days a week.  To sign on to her Zoom account, she has to type in Session Number, than Password.  Same numbers, every day.  I ran across a comment the other day about PHP and it has stuck in my mind -- maybe, is it possible, to write a piece of PHP code that will fill in the Zoom input boxes for her?

I used to do a little Fortran and Basic programming for my work in analysis.  Also Visual Basic for Applications - specifically Excel and Word.  But without a real goal for programming any piece of code, it is basically just memorizing, trying out samples, testing different features.  Then doing stuff that retired people do.

Is PHP the right "program" to "fill in"  the Session and Password numbers required to start up her Zoom session?  Since I last wrote code, there has been an explosion of languages -- array languages, assembly languages, authoring languages, command line languages, compiled languages, curly-bracket languages, data flow languages, etc and etc and etc.

Experts in any one of the myriad languages favor his/her language for a lot of different languages. 

So what do I do?

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PHP is the wrong tool for the job. 

If the form she has to fill in is within a web browser then you could use what's known as a bookmarklet to do the job.  You need to identify the inputs using the developer tools.  If they have an ID then life is fairly easy.  Your bookmarklet would just be code like:


You'd create a new bookmark in your browser and put that in for the bookmark's URL/Location.  Replace the values appropriately.  Then after loading the page with the form you can just click the bookmark to fill in the values.


If the form is part of a desktop application then you might need to use something like AutoHotKey to do the job.  I'm less familiar with this as I don't really  use it, just know it exists and should probably work.


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