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Hi All,

I am trying to submit multiple form fields, whereby I am asking users to supply specific files. I can get it to upload a single file correctly, however when I increase this to 2 or 3, it's using the same file for all of them. I have used print_r($_FILES) to check everything with the files seems to be OK, and it all looks OK. I need to be able to pair the files, so that's why I haven't used the multiple option.

I have tried changing the variables so they are completely different, but I am at a total loss right now.

## First Document
	$fileName1 = htmlspecialchars_decode((basename($_FILES["dc1"]["name"]))); 
	$fileTypeA1 = pathinfo($fileName1, PATHINFO_EXTENSION); 
    $targetFilePath1 = $uploadDir . $uID . '-' . $randnum . '.' .$fileTypeA1; 
	if(move_uploaded_file($_FILES["dc1"]["tmp_name"], $targetFilePath1)){ 
		$uploadedFile1 = $targetFilePath1; 

## Second Document
	$fileName2 = htmlspecialchars_decode((basename($_FILES["dc2"]["name"]))); 
	$fileTypeA2 = pathinfo($fileName2, PATHINFO_EXTENSION); 
    $targetFilePath2 = $uploadDir . $uID . '-' . $randnum . '.' .$fileTypeA2; 
	if(move_uploaded_file($_FILES["dc2"]["tmp_name"], $targetFilePath2)){ 
    	$uploadedFile2 = $targetFilePath2; 


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