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Data too long for column 'email' error


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Hi all !

I am using mysql version 5.7.24 and I have run into the error under heading. 

The length of the email in question is 33 as given by select  


Most of the suggestions are to turn the strict mode off which I don't want to do. 

What would be the best way to resolve this ?

Thanks !

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hmmm, I forgot to mention that the length of the column was 60 and i increased it to like 150  and then to 255 and it did not work,

But ofcourse you are still right Requinix, on both counts. I had made changes in the wrong table. It's working now !! is 150 a good enough length for an email  or should it be all the way up to the varchar limit?

Thanks !


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Pretty sure nobody has an email address 65,535 characters long. Nor 150 either, for that matter.

The technical limit is 320, but if you find someone complaining that their 151-character long email address isn't working in your system, you can deal with it then.

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