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Find inputs that are NOT selected


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I have a form with several text fields.

For example (sorry, no code insert option on my phone)


<form method="post"> Enter value1 :<input type="text" name="str1"><br/> Enter value2 :<input type="text" name="str2"><br/> <input type="submit" >

I would like to scan the INPUTS to determine which fields were left empty.

Using !isset (to the best of my knowledge) would require that I list each input individually.

Is there a PHP alternative that, similar to JavaScript, would allow me to evaluate every INPUT or TEXT field to then list those left empty?

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23 minutes ago, phppup said:

would require that I list each input individually.

no. the parameters and values in code can come from any expression, such as a literal string, a variable, the return value from another function call, a math/logical operation, ...

you would define a data structure (array or database table) that contains a list of the expected form field names (types, validation tests...) you would then loop over this defining structure to dynamically test/validate the inputs. the field name, which would be in a variable, would be used in place of any hard-coded associative field name in the code.

except for unchecked check-boxes and radio-buttons, all other form field types will be set once the form has been submitted. after you have detected that a post method form has been submitted, you would only use isset() for check-boxes and radio-buttons. for all of the 'always set' field types, you should test if they are equal (or not) to an empty string.

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