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Help needed from PHP and WordPress Ninja

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Hello Experts,

I recently built my digital marketing agency website <link removed> on WordPress and I am facing performance issues. When I open the website in laptop or in mobile images load very slowly and it irritates me. Can you please help me which plugin can improve its speed and loading time. I need help from seniors who real real experience in improving website speed.


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If the pages of your site are slow to load, then you need to optimize the size of the images, adjust the caching. If that doesn't work, then you should install a plugin, for example, PageSpeed Module. I also advise you to check your page load speed with a third-party tool that will show the possible causes of the problem. You may need to change hosting.

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Wordpress websites can be very difficult to optimize. But this depends on what theme you are using.

Some theme developers have no idea what they are doing and just load all their CSS in one file, using extremely inefficient selectors.

I have a client that asked me to optimize his site, and what I basically established was that little could be done.
He is relying on external JavaScript files, such chat widgets, Analytics, and Google Maps. Such things tend to slow down a site a lot.

Luckily they typically load asynchronously, so users will not notice it much. The pagespeed tool might still complain about them though.

Another thing you really should look into, is the size of your CSS. If you use Divi or similar themes, then the CSS tend to grow extremely large.
A good CSS file size is around 10-15kb max. I have seen examples of CSS approaching 1MB in size! Best solution is to stop using Divi and make your own custom-coded designs.

I do not know of any good plugins to optimize CSS. They are not "intelligently aware" of the CSS, and that means they might actually make things worse.
Autoptimize will just take all of your CSS and combine it into one big file. This is very inefficient, and might cause other problems.

Code included in the CSS file should generally only concern stuff that is used sufficiently often, on multiple pages.
If you can identify your "essential" (shared) CSS, then you can embedded this in the <head> of your site to speed up the load time.

Images will typically not be the hardest thing to optimize, as you can resize and compress those. There are even plugins that will auto-convert to .webp.

But, try running your site through Lighthouse in developer tools or PageSpeed Insights, that is how the rest of us try to optimize our pages.

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14 hours ago, kimimiler said:

I am developing a new website for my business and I have the same problems.

I decided to hire php specialist from [spammy link]

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