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Kudos Barand


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I told you once, I've been writing database apps using web technology for about 25 years.
About 20 years ago I gave up on identifying foreign keys in the database because apps kept crashing on me.

You suggested that I try it again.

Well, the app I'm working on is probably about 50K lines & 80 tables.
To do that would be some work BUT - my app allows users to create tables and dependent (slave) tables for them.
There could be up to 20 user defined tables. Coding for orphans and missing IDs was becoming a problem.
Because of your suggestion, the thought immediately occurred to me - hey, use foreign keys & cascades.

So, I did the work (and it wasn't that bad). Now my whole database uses foreign keys and SET NULL or CASCADE as needed.
I scrapped a BUNCH of code that handled orphans & missing IDs.
The app is working great.

Thanks so much for pushing that issue.


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