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How to pull one image and title with PDO

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Hi firends, there is a store named "baslik". i try to creating photo gallery. i am saving photo and photo's name in database. Photo's name store named "baslik". Now, For example i am saving called "Summer Photos". i saved 10 photos. When i pull the images and names, all photos and names are pulling. I want to pull one image and its name from "baslik" store. "baslik" store's type "varchar" When i click the image's name, it should post other "Summer Photos". Image gallery should creating next to next like 1. image. And When i clicked the image, other images should open. For example when i clicked "meeting" image, it should go other "meeting" images. So, i want to categorize the images.

You can look i put images.


resim 6.jpg

resim 7.jpg

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So sorry. :) i didn't put the codes.


<h3> Multiple Image Upload </h3>
  <form action="multipleimageprocesspage.php" method="POST" enctype="multipart/form-data">
  <!--<span> Add Title </span><br>
  <input type="text" name="coklubasliklistele" /><br><br>-->
  <span> Add Title </span><br>
  <input type="text" name="baslik"><br><br>
  <!--<span> Resim Id </span><br>
  <input type="number" name="resim_id"><br><br>-->
  <span> Image Upload </span>&nbsp;&nbsp; <br>
  <input type="file" name="files[]" multiple><br>
  <input type="submit" value="Yükle" name="submit" />
  <button style="margin-top:7px;" onclick="document.location='cokluresimlisteleformu.php'">Yenile</button>


	include "../../../baglanti.php";


	$baslik = $_POST['baslik'];
	$resimid = $_POST['resim_id'];

  // Count total files
  $countfiles = count($_FILES['files']['name']);
  // Prepared statement
  $query = "INSERT INTO cokluresimlistele (cokluresimlistele_resim, cokluresimlistele_baslik, baslik, resim_id) VALUES(?,?,?,?)";

  $statement = $db->prepare($query);

  // Loop all files
    // File name
    $filename = $_FILES['files']['name'][$i];
    // Location
    $target_file = '../../../upload/cokluresimlistele/'.$filename;
    // file extension
    $file_extension = pathinfo($target_file, PATHINFO_EXTENSION);
    $file_extension = strtolower($file_extension);

    // Valid image extension
    $valid_extension = array("png","jpeg","jpg");

    if(in_array($file_extension, $valid_extension)){

       // Upload file

          // Execute query

  echo "File upload successfully";


<?php include "baglanti.php"; ?>

	$resim = $db->query("SELECT * FROM cokluresimlistele");
		foreach($resim as $resimekle) {
	<div class="resim">
	<img src='upload/cokluresimlistele/<?php echo $resimekle["cokluresimlistele_resim"]; ?>' />
	<div class="resimyazisi"><a href='admin/panel/production/cokluresimlistele.php'><?php echo $resimekle["baslik"]; ?></a></div>
	<div class="silduzenle">
	<?php } ?>


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