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A little query help needed, thanks


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Could create a second BBCode tag that turns [attach] into [sharedmedia], so both tags would be supported. Actually I rather suggest that in case there's something still using or generating [sharedmedia]s - wouldn't want to break those. Would also mean not having to deal with the database.

If you have a more specific question, like what code you have to write or regular expression to create, then you should probably ask that.

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Unfortunately nothing, that's why I am asking. This is not my skill department. But I can surely paste a query lol.

What I need is a regex code to change the above. So where the **** would be 6453, in the below code, the **** would also be 6453. So all it keeps is the attachment number. Thanks!

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Creating the regex is fairly straightforward: start with the literal string you want to find, escape any special characters that you don't want to be special (like the [ ]s), then substitute in stuff like (\d+) where you want to find numbers. The replacement string works much the same way, and you can reference the matched numbers from before using $1 or \1 (careful of the backslash).

Honestly, you're probably overestimating how difficult this will be.

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