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Chat messages does not delivered


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Hello all Experts,

I have installed a chat on my hosting. most of the things works fine like send files, paint, picture sharing etc., but text messages and smilys do not deliver , i tried everything but failed. This chat is quite old but i need to install this.

If anybody can help sort out the problem.

screenshot attached.system message is there and other files i transferred is there but no smiley or text written by me 


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On 2/17/2021 at 6:24 AM, gizmola said:

How are we supposed to help you when you haven't provided any information at all about the chat server/system you installed?

HelloAdmin, I have installed this script on my hosting which i m using for my other website. its PHP7.1.

This is the domain which im using for this script 


and all info about my hosting is here:



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You're going to have to spend time trying to debug it or contact the author.  There's no obvious error that can be seen looking at the site.  It makes the request to send messages just fine.

You need to figure out what's going on after that and why it's either not saving the sent messages or not delivering them to the users.


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