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Reordering columns in phpmyadmin and keeping them in that order?

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Hi there,


Is it possible to reorder columns in phpmyadmin and have them remain in that place next time I visit? At the moment, I can drag and re-order them, but when I log back into phpmyadmin, they are reset.

Does anyone know if this is possible? Maybe there is a query I can run?



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original table



ALTER TABLE `test`.`user_demo` 
AFTER `userid`;

new table



There are a couple of alternatives.

1 ) Use a query to specify the required column sequence

SELECT fname
     , lname
     , username
     , userid
FROM test.user_demo;

2 ) Create a "view" on the table with the required column sequence.

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Thanks for the reply.


So If I were to use the second method, I would use the following:


SELECT firstname , lastname , email  FROM tests.wp_d8zma;


(my table is called tests and the database called wp_d8zma


Will this keep the order each time I log into phpmyadmin?



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1 hour ago, the_toolman said:

Will this keep the order each time I log into phpmyadmin?

No, but it it gives you a way of viewing the data in order you want.

To make it permanent you woud have to ALTER the table or create a view with required order and use that instead of the table.

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