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Retrieve Pages, Ads, Leads from multiple facebook accounts with Graph API - Help needed

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Hello @gw1500se,

Hope you are doing well.

I actually want to build a web app which can have multiple login users and each user can connect a facebook account. So then an user can retrieve all Pages, Ads, and Leads associated with that connected account. Once connected, user can retrieve the data from facebook and save to our local database. In this case, an user can have all the Leads, Ad campaigns etc. data on his Website account and see everything anytime. Also, I want to use Webhooks to retrieve Leads to my website and receive notification as live whenever an Enquiry is generated from facebook Ad.

I am using Codeigniter 3 (PHP framework) for development. I can't able to use Facebook graph API on codeigniter, that's the first problem.

Then connecting my website into facebook and retrieve data is another issue.

if anyone can help me, it would be really great as I just joined to a Company where this requirement has to be completed by myself, otherwise company manager will fire me.



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Sorry but this is a help forum not a free programming forum. You are expected to do the work and we will help you over the humps. If you will get fired because you failed to program something you've never done before then either you are in the wrong job or working for the wrong employer. However, if you want to pay to keep your job then post this on the Job Offerings forum.

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