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Is moving from ASP.NET Core to PHP great opportunity now?

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On 4/4/2021 at 2:34 AM, Sunless said:

Hey, guys!

I am a C# experienced developer but I want to know more and more.

Is it right choice to choose PHP as a next coding language for web?

What are the main advantages of PHP vs C#?

Thank you.

The 2 languages have their own ecosystems.  Either one is a good choice for web development. For fortune 500/corporate systems who tend to prefer support contracts and microsoft based infrastructure, there tends to be a wider use of .NET/c#.  As PHP is Free Open Source software (FOSS), it has a wider adoption in the SAS/startup space, paired with one of the open source rdbms (postgresql/mysql) or Document databases, whereas, typically you see .NET run on microsoft server infrastructure and MS Sql server.  It also has a healthy amount of competition from Nodejs/MEAN stack.  One unusual feature of the PHP development space is the variety and high quality of MVC frameworks, with the two primary competitors of Symfony and Laravel that are both supported by large active developer communities.

It really depends on what type of system you are trying to develop, and the target market or customer for the system. Coming from c# you should be able to pick up PHP quickly, but you want to get familiar with composer and either of the 2 frameworks I mentioned, if you really want to get a feel for what professional developers do with the language and platform. 

One other thing to note, is that as PHP is typically deployed on linux servers, now more and more in containers, you really want a good working knowledge of Linux, and this is something that .NET developers sometimes don't have.



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