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looping arrays/post data

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Hi there,

I am wanting to insert post data into my DB, this is guest information

if i do a 

 $safePost = filter_input_array(INPUT_POST);

i get the following output.



[action] => addGuestInfo

[guestno] => 2

[bookingid] => 151

[customerid] => 22

[Guestname-0] => Jamie

[Guestname-1] => Joe

[GuestAge-0] => 4-3

[GuestInfo-0] => celiac

[GuestAge-1] => 18

[GuestInfo-1] => wheat


normally the guestname-0, guestage-0, guestinfo-0 would be in correct order but we have to ensure the just incase it isns't (see output above) we cater for that aswell, we can have upto 6 guest details coming in at once.

so I need to loop through the data and insert into my DB. I have tried various for / foreach loops but cant seem to get it to group the data together

I have tried things like below, but it inserts each record multiple times.

$safePost = filter_input_array(INPUT_POST);
foreach($safePost as $key => $value){                 
            $exp_key = explode('-', $key);
          // for ($i =0; $i <= $guestcount; $i++) {
      switch ($exp_key[0]) {
        case 'Guestname':
            $booking->guestno = $exp_key[1];
            $booking->guestname = $val;
        case 'GuestAge':
            $booking->guestno = $exp_key[1];
            $booking->guestage = $val;

        case 'GuestInfo':
            $booking->guestno = $exp_key[1];
            $booking->guestinfo = $val;

 //CALLS FUNCTION TO INSERT TO DB result = lastInsertId();
  $result= $booking->insertGuestDetails();


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Instead of using hyphens, use array indices in your form input field names

<input type="text" name="guestname[0]" >
<input type="text" name="guestname[1]" >


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