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Calculate number of days ago from timestamp


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Hi, I have this code :-

$datestarted = $row['datestarted'];
$datestart=date("l d/m/Y @ H:i:s",strtotime($datestarted)); 

Which is been echo'd like this :-

echo '
<tr align="center"'.$rowbackground.'>
<td align="center">

So for example I get this output :-Sunday 18/04/2021 @ 10:45:26

The data in the DB for the above is stored like this :-2021-04-18 10:45:26


What I'd like to do is also echo how many days ago this date was, all of the examples I've tried don't seem to work though?

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Take your pick, sql or php solution?

$theDate = '2021-04-18 10:45:26';

$d1 = new DateTime($theDate);
$elapsed = $d1->diff(new DateTime())->days;
echo $elapsed;                                 //--> 23


SELECT datestarted
     , datediff(CURDATE(), datestarted) as elapsed
FROM ...


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On a similar note, can the date string be converted to minutes rather than days? (in PHP that is).


I did try $elapsed = $d1->diff(new DateTime())->i ;

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This works but doesn't add any hours outside of the whole days :-

$elapsed = $d1->diff(new DateTime())->days * 24 * 60;


eg, if the elapsed time is 7 days two hours it gives 10080 minutes instead of 10200.


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Take a look at the manual page for the Datetime::diff method.  What you are returned is a "DateInterval" object.

All you need to do is call the format method and utilize the appropriate format string -- it has already computed an internal representation of the interval between the 2 dates, and you don't want or need to do additional math to get this represented in days/hours/minutes etc.  Just look at the format strings.

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the properties of the DateInterval object that you will need are


so you will have some calculation but it's not rocket science.

Note there is also a "d" property but that is the number of days as in "Difference = 5 months 3 days 6 hrs"

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