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having a night mare with include or require


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Hello all, i just joined today, because am going nuts with php and the include or require statement/function

I want to use them to link to a header. Nothing hard about that , I would say. But my bit of code below just does not work.

I am running them in a test area on my server. Just to be safe The file L2.php is in the same directory/folder ( showing my age).


I should  say that am have been programming a while but only using php for about 4 weeks and this normal simple bit of code has me stumped.

 I am building the site in visual studio and atom.

 any pointer would be received with joy


The content of L" is also below .





<?php include_once('L2.php'); ?>

centents of l2.php below

<h3>  line 2   <br><H2>Hello world AM TRYING 6</h2> </h3>


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