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Help out a Noob. Learning example needed - html/php/mysql

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I’m looking to build out a system on a private network to support my small business. I’m a developer but not in the web space. I work more with Peoplesoft, VBA, a little perl etc. So I’m in the process of trying to learn about 6 different “languages” – HTML, CSS, PHP, MYSQL, Javascript etc – and it’s taking too long. I need to get something up and running more quickly than that. The quickest way to pick up a new language is to start with some examples. So the intent of this is to get a simple example of a single page built that I can use as a framework – monkey see, monkey do style.

The website is not for commercial use, only internal, so the focus is more on utility than presentation. In terms of your work, I need simple, clear, minimalistic code. While the code may well be used, the main focus is on providing a solid example for a noob to follow.

I’m using the XAMPP stack.

Depending on the quality of the work (and price of course) there may be additional work available in the future. It’s important that I know how to do this, so I can control the process and fix/tweak things when necessary. That doesn’t mean I actually want to build out the whole site myself. Don’t take this as a request for a discount or a loss leader. I want quotes that represent the rate you’d expect for a bigger job – I will be assessing the quality of your code AND your affordability.


Full spec available when we talk (since I cant attach here), but it's a single page with a menu that talks to a mysql db. Reach out and I'll send you a spec, and we can discuss price.


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