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Looking for install.exe solution to upload 1 file and insert 2 rows into sql db for easy client install using their ftp details


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Hi all
I have just had completed for me an addition to my traffix exchange site which im looking at making available for other other 2000+ owners of the same php script.
I;m looking for a way or app that will allow me to make an easy install.exe file so that it will upload 1 php file to the public/html folder and then add 2 rows, 1 into each table of required values into the sql database.
Only one i have come across at the moment is the ioncube solution which will make the install.exe for me but at a price just for 1 page. Does anyone know of any solutions for opensource that will cover my needs?


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What about a powershell script for the ftp part of it?

Not exe, but ps1

$source = "c:\source" $destination = "ftp://username:password@example.com/destination" $webclient = New-Object -TypeName System.Net.WebClient $files = Get-ChildItem $source foreach ($file in $files) { Write-Host "Uploading $file" $webclient.UploadFile("$destination/$file", $file.FullName) } $webclient.Dispose()

The SQL part of it, may be have a 3rd php file that can be executed after the ps1 file has completed.

I know its not one smooth process, but free.


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