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Rereading an ini - remote shared environment under cPanel

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How do I force the system to re-read an ini to apply the change?

My site is remotely hosted through cPanel. It is a shared resources configuration and I don't have root privilege. I do have considerable rights but not all the way down to the level of Apache administration (for instance.) IOW: I don't have privilege to restart apache in this shared hosting environment.

In this shared hosting environment the subscribers don't have access to su, sudo, service, apache2, apache2ctl

These PHP family tools/commands are available with at least --x--x--x privilege:
 lsphp, lsphp.cagefs, pear, peardev, pecl, phar.phar, php, php-cgi, php-cgi.cagefs, php-config, php.cagefs, phpize

cPanel provides these gui tools (forgive any overlap with above)
(I understand they don't necessarily apply to PHP administration)
PHP Pear Packages
MultiPHP INI Editor

terminal (RHE BASH)
a GUI file manager with an editor

Background and impetus:
I'm testing a music hosting package, but for the context of this question I want to remain more general. The name is below.

I'm new at PHP but I have a few years experience as a sysadmin for other systems. That said the PHP ini files used in the music system appear to be rather straightforward and well commented.

I'd like to un-comment a line to see the affect. (no problem, I've got the rights and understand the responsibility)

Server Details:
The music server is named "Ampache" - with an "m" - It is operational but there are tweaks clearly available in the init files that would help this implementation.

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For example:

(realizes the example is cfg not ini)


; Sociable
; This turns on / off all of the "social" features of Ampache
; default is on, but if you don't care and just want music
; turn this off to disable all social features.
; DEFAULT: "true"
sociable = "true"

Because I would prefer 

sociable = "false"

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Yes, I have changed the cfg file. It was a different setting that would have produced an obvious result and after about a month of getting to know the system it appears to not have read the change. I made a change, removed a leading semicolon, so the system would look for a file called folder.jpg first. I've tested it repeatedly and it still goes to a service to retrieve cover art. 

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Posted (edited)

; Art Gather Order
; Simply arrange the following in the order you would like
; Ampache to search. If you want to disable one of the search
; methods simply leave it out. DB should be left as the first
; method unless you want it to overwrite what's already in the
; database
; POSSIBLE VALUES (builtins): db tags folder lastfm musicbrainz google
; POSSIBLE VALUES (plugins): Amazon,TheAudioDb,Tmdb,Omdb,Flickr
; DEFAULT: db,tags,folder,spotify,musicbrainz,lastfm,google
;art_order = "db,tags,folder,spotify,musicbrainz,lastfm,google"
art_order = "tags,folder,musicbrainz,spotify,lastfm,google"

I have embedded art in many of the mp3 files and my intent from step-1 was to update the DB

Edited by Daddy-o
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