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Php table column doesn't show - woocommerce


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I need to copy a table from one code to another. But I couldn't figure out how to do it properly. Just tried to copy code from one file to another but it doesn't work the same. I need to find where to change the code to show right columns.

https://easyupload.io/maoa9h - zipped cart.php (original code with right table) and review.php (the one that doesn't show right table)

We need to copy the table from cart.php:
https://ibb.co/MZ7K7S5 - table look

But it doesn't work. The quantity column doesn't show in review.php - as you can see here https://ibb.co/brP0yy1

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You are probably not getting any reply because you did not post your code here. Few people will go to a 3rd party web site to see your code and ever fewer will download zipped code. Post you code here using the code icon (<>) on the to menu and specify PHP. You will be more likely to get a response.

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