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Making code shorter


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I have such lines of code:


I know I can simplify it like this:


But I wanted something like this:


Which did not work.

How do I get it working for the string inside the brackets and under the quotes while using OR and/or other operators?


Thank you

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One more question on this. If I have multiple lines of $link variable, can I use "for each" statement only once, and then list my $link variables under, in some sort of brackets? This is what I would have now:

foreach(['F','N'] as $x) $link["be{$x}1LP"]="https://www.site1.com";

foreach(['F','N'] as $x) $link["be{$x}2LP"]="https://www.site2.com";

foreach(['F','N'] as $x) $link["be{$x}3LP"]="https://www.site3.com";


Thank you

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15 hours ago, phpnew said:
$item = array('L','N');
foreach ($item as $x) { 

Just before closing the book on this one, please ask yourself this:

In [another] four months time, are you going to look at this code and ask yourself "What the H*** does this do?"

You will spend far more time reading code than writing it (accepted industry stats estimate 80% reading, 20% writing). 

Always favour Clarity and Correctness over Conciseness or Cleverness. 

   Phill  W.


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+1 on PHi11W's comment.

While it was an interesting exercise, I was thinking that I wouldn't want to have to pick up that code later and extend it.   A few obscure lines that do what a simple assignment statement could do, is not better code.

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