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Share info between 2 Apps in the same server

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Dear Friends,

I have 3 different Applications under the same server.
http://myserver/App1, http://myserver/App2 and http://myserver/App3

Please, could you help me to share info between them?

App1 is a "User Admin Application". Here the user should do the login. After the login, the User should be able to open App2 or/and App3
I have tried with SESSION and COOKIES. As I am under the same server, I think, I am doing something wrong. Or SESSION and/or COOKIES doesn't will work?

Thank you.

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One session cookie can cover all three apps, since they're all on the myserver domain. That requires whatever PHP setups are serving the three apps be all be able to access the same session files, and that all three should be running some shared code which is capable of handling the user account.

Most likely, since they're all just different paths under the same domain, make sure the session cookie is set to the root path and not just one app and it should work.

More complicated would be an OAuth setup, which would be mostly necessary if the sites were potentially being hosted on different websites and/or servers.

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