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php Mail Contact Form - File Attachment - Not sending file


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Can someone help me with these contact-form please,

I just want to include a file (.pdf, .jpg, .png) and send the mail.


For the moment, the mail is send but not with the file included.


Here is the website





<form id="contact-form" class="checkform" action="#" target="contact-send.php" method="post" enctype="multipart/form-data" >
						<div class="form-row clearfix">
							<label for="name" class="req">Nom *</label>
							<input type="text" name="name" class="name" id="name" value="" placeholder="Name" />
						<div class="form-row clearfix">
							<label for="email" class="req">Email *</label>
							<input type="text" name="email" class="email" id="email" value="" placeholder="Email"/>
						<div class="form-row clearfix textbox">
							<label for="message" class="req">Nom du projet  *</label>
							<textarea name="message" class="message" id="message" rows="15" cols="50" placeholder="Message"></textarea>
							<div class="form-row clearfix">
							<label for="pdf" class="req">Ajoutez votre dossier d'inscription (Pdf intéractif) *</label>
							<input type="file" id="pdf" class="pdf" name="pdf" placeholder="Pdf" accept="image/pdf">

						<div id="form-note">
							<div class="alert alert-error">
								<strong>Error</strong>: Please check your entries!
						<div class="form-row form-submit">
							<input type="submit" name="submit_form" class="submit" value="Send" />
						<input type="hidden" name="subject" value="From Coeur à Prendre" />
						<input type="hidden" name="fields" value="name,email,message," />
						<input type="hidden" name="sendto" value="info@coeuraprendre.art" />  
				<!-- Contact form -->






define("WEBMASTER_EMAIL", $_POST['sendto']);
if (WEBMASTER_EMAIL == '' || WEBMASTER_EMAIL == 'Testemail') {
	die('<div class="alert alert-confirm"> <h6><strong>The recipient email is not correct</strong></h6></div>');	

define("EMAIL_SUBJECT", $_POST['subject']);
if (EMAIL_SUBJECT == '' || EMAIL_SUBJECT == 'Subject') {

$name = stripslashes($_POST['name']);
$email = trim($_POST['email']);
$message = stripslashes($_POST['message']);
$pdf = stripslashes($_POST['pdf']);

$custom = $_POST['fields'];
$custom = substr($custom, 0, -1);
$custom = explode(',', $custom);

$message_addition = '';
foreach ($custom as $c) {
	if ($c !== 'name' && $c !== 'email' && $c !== 'message' && $c !== 'pdf' && $c !== 'subject') {
		$message_addition .= '<b>'.$c.'</b>: '.$_POST[$c].'<br />';

if ($message_addition !== '') {
	$message = $message.'<br /><br />'.$message_addition;

$message = '<html><body>'.nl2br($message)."</body></html>";
$mail = mail(WEBMASTER_EMAIL, EMAIL_SUBJECT, $message,
     "From: ".$name." <".$email.">\r\n"
    ."Reply-To: ".$email."\r\n"
    ."X-Mailer: PHP/" . phpversion()
	."MIME-Version: 1.0\r\n"
	."Content-Type: text/html; charset=utf-8");

echo '
		<div class="alert alert-confirm">
			<strong>Confirm</strong>: Your message has been sent. Thank you!
echo '
		<div class="alert alert-error">
			<strong>Error</strong>: Your message has not been send!



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  • cocolembo changed the title to php Mail Contact Form - File Attachment - Not sending file
8 minutes ago, gw1500se said:

Where do you "addAttachement" and reference the uploaded file? I think you did not post your complete code.

Yes I remove all the php code for the implementation of attachement because it didn't work. I try several times,  So I was wondering where and how I can reference the uploaded file you see in the Html in my "clean" php script who works for sending mail ?  Thank's for your reply

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SwiftMailer is also another good one, I use it and it's very simple to use and has good community support:

Just a small section of a small script

/* create message */
        $message = (new Swift_Message('A email from ' . $data['name']))
                ->setFrom([$data['email'] => $data['name']])
                ->setCc([$data['email'] => $data['name']])
                ->setBody($data['message'], 'text/html')
                ->attach(entity: Swift_Attachment::fromPath('https://www.example.com/assets/images/img-logo-003.jpg'));


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