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Slim CSRF session not found


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I have a site set up with PHP and Slim CSRF, and everything was working until recently. Now, I've decided to locally test dockerizing my application, and the CSRF appears to be breaking my application.

I've got a bootstrap file in ./bootstrap/app.php which I will show here:



use Respect\Validation\Validator as v;

use SlimCrf;

require __DIR__ . '/../vendor/autoload.php';

$app = new \Slim\App([
    'settings' => [
        'displayErrorDetails' => true,
        'db' => [
            'driver' => 'mysql',
            'host' => 'localhost',
            'database' => 'db',
            'username' => 'username',
            'password' => 'password',
            'charset' => 'utf8',
            'collation' => 'utf8_unicode_ci',
            'prefix' => '',

$container = $app->getContainer();

$capsule = new \Illuminate\Database\Capsule\Manager;

$container['db'] = function ($container) use ($capsule) {
    return $capsule;

$container['auth'] = function ($container) {
  return new \LoginApp\Auth\Auth($container);

$container['view'] = function ($container) {
    $view = new \Slim\Views\Twig(__DIR__ . '/../resources/views', [
        'cache' => false,

    $view->addExtension(new \Slim\Views\TwigExtension(

    $view->getEnvironment()->addGlobal('auth', [
      'check' => $container->auth->check(),
      'user' => $container->auth->user(),

    return $view;

$container['validator'] = function ($container) {
    return new LoginApp\Validation\Validator;

$container['csrf'] = function ($container) {
  $csrf = new \Slim\Csrf\Guard();
  return $csrf;

$app->add(new \LoginApp\Middleware\ValidationErrorsMiddleware($container));
$app->add(new \LoginApp\Middleware\OldInputMiddleware($container));
$app->add(new \LoginApp\Middleware\CsrfViewMiddleware($container));

// CSRF protection for Slim 3

require __DIR__ . '/../app/routes.php';

When I am running the application, I receive a page which I have attached.

It's strange that the session is not being found in this dockerized application, and makes me wonder whether some dependency updates have occurred, but I'm not sure why that would break things.

Here is my apache configuration:

<VirtualHost *:80>
     ServerAdmin admin@lachiegrant.io.com
     ServerName lachiegrant.io.com
     ServerAlias www.lachiegrant.io.com

     DocumentRoot /var/www/lachiegrant.io/public

     <Directory /var/www/lachiegrant.io/public>
         Options Indexes FollowSymLinks
         AllowOverride All
         Require all granted

     ErrorLog ${APACHE_LOG_DIR}/error.log
     CustomLog ${APACHE_LOG_DIR}/access.log combined

Thanks in advance.


Screen Shot 2021-08-12 at 5.04.20 pm.png

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  • Solution

Read the error messages.

The first one says that "use SlimCrf" is a pointless statement. It doesn't do anything.

The second one says that it couldn't session_start() because there was output. Which there was: the first error message.

What course of action do you think you should take?

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