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I want to check if the User has typed it in correctly controlling on the Database.


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I want to check if the User has typed it in correctly controlling on the Database.

(The echos are just there for debug reasons)

if (isset($_POST['aktion']) and $_POST['aktion']=='Annehmen') {    //button click
echo '<p>1</p>';
    $email = "";
    if (isset($_POST['email'])) {    //steht was da?
        $email = (INT) trim($_POST['email']);
    echo '<p>2</p>';
    if ($email != '') {    //steht was da? 2.0
        $suche = $db->prepare("SELECT email FROM recipients WHERE email = ?");
        $suche->bind_param('s', $email);
        $emailtest = "";
        echo '<p>3</p>';
        if ($email == $emailtest){
            echo '<p>4</p>';

The debug reaches "Milestone" 3, then its trace disappears, doesn't matter whether it's the right or wrong email.

THX for help in advance :).

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there's no need to compare, in php code, the column value fetched from the query with the column value being tested in the where clause. if the query matched a row(s) of data, the where clause was true.

next, if you are not actually using the row(s) of data that a query matches, i.e. you are only testing if a value exists or how many times it exists, use SELECT COUNT(*) ..., and if this is for a 'registration' script, where you are deciding if you are going to insert a row of data, instead, just define that column as a unique index, attempt to insert the data, then test if the query produced a duplicate error.

lastly, if you switch to the much simpler PDO database extension, a majority of the lines of code will go away.

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