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Help whit what its caled in the PHP envirinment when you call up


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I'm wondering the following:
What is the name of the "PHP language / in the PHP environment" when you want to develop / have developed a project (eg a CMS) that retrieves all underlying pages to be displayed in only one file, such as and file index.php? For example. http://ww.domain.com/my_directory/?p and retrieving what is referenced in one and the same file. when you call something via "?p" (p is a example).

Hope you understand what I mean because I can not describe this better in English. It's like sending a query (? P) and retrieving what is referenced in one and the same file.

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It's not exactly easy to tell what it is you're describing, but I think the general term you're looking for is "front controller": where most/all code doesn't start off by executing individual .php files but instead everything goes through one file (typically index.php) which then has some amount of logic to determine what code should be running. That process can start with URL rewriting (telling the web server that everything should go through index.php) or simply using specially-crafted URLs (such as query strings like /my_directory/?stuff or PATH_INFOs like /index.php/stuff); the former is the modern approach.

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