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sending email with info from mysql database inserted


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I do not know if this is the right place, so please redirect me if it is not............................


I would like to send a reminder email for clients and pull info from mysql database inserted into it... such as:


Dear <  client name >

Reminder that you have <type of appt> on <date> <time> with counselor < staff name>.


If you cannot make it let us know..............................   


All I've been able to see online is how to attach data into excel sheet.. I'd like to send this within an email.


Is this possible?  I have mysql (latest ver); php 7.4.9  running on ubuntu 20.10


Thanks for any help



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All you have to do is write a query to pull up the info from your db and generate each email from a loop that includes each query result row's data.  Think about it.

Of course if you can make the email contents generic then all you have to do is feed all of the mailing addresses to your email generator and send just one email out to multiple people.  Do you use PHPMailer?

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I have not tried anything as I have no idea what to do.  I can write a query for the data needed.  That is not the problem.  The issue is, I have the data, but have no idea how to place it into an email.

Once I learn how to do that, I'll need to put the whole thing into a cronjob so it will send automatically based on the appointment being 'tomorrow'

I just cannot find a starting point via google search



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