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Try to use the dreamweaver killer .... http://www.aptana.com  :)
  True aptana has a lot of good features but it's big (over 150 megs compressed download - but that includes video tutorials) but I found it made a lot of things complicated that didn't need to be. Where in most editors you just 'create a new file' or 'create a new project' you couldn't just create a new file during the months that I was trying aptana. You had to create a stupid container for the file first before you could create a new file.  The update features and plugins I tried never worked. That said it's been about a year since I last tried aptana so it might be worth another go. It is not for those who want something 'light' though :)


Quanta Plus is always a good fairly light weight editor.

Lately I've been using VIM more though. For small scripts and projects I find something nice and lightweight is always a great way to go.


I wish there were some good RAD tools for PHP for the bigger projects. I've tried code-igniter and it definitely wasn't for me and I'm not much of a framework fan.

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I use PhpED for the serious stuff.  I bit the bullet and paid money for it after struggling to get anything but error messages out of Eclipse.


For simple stuff, HTML, CSS and the odd bit of PHP in an HTML file I use Crimson Editor (http://www.crimsoneditor.com).  Been using it for years and went back to it after trying Notepad++ for a while.

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My vote goes for Notepad Plus Plus (Notepad++).

It`s free, not huge in size, have a lot of languages aviable like php,html etc etc. :)

Much more functions i haven`t try :D


Agreed, I have used Notepad++ for the last couple years or so. Netbeans was slow to load and while using it. Prefer highlighted syntax which is also why I don't use Notepad. Having said that, Notepad 2 is similar to Notepad++ but the latter is by far superior.



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