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Help with determining if file outputs subcategory


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The web video script that I'm trying to modify, successfully filters videos by category and by sub-category. The file code here shows sub-category related code: https://pastebin.com/zgbELKJf on lines 149 and 215 I am trying to display a search form when sub-category page appears, so I first need to determine if this code is the file that outputs the subcategory pages. (as a first step in being able to search the sub-category page by keyword).  If this provides a clue, when I remove these lines:

$pt->show_sub = false;
$pt->sub_categories_array = array();
foreach ($pt->sub_categories as $cat_key => $subs) {
    $pt->sub_categories_array["'".$cat_key."'"] = '<option value="">'.$lang->all.'</option>';
    foreach ($subs as $sub_key => $sub_value) {
        $pt->sub_categories_array["'".$cat_key."'"] .= '<option value="'.array_keys($sub_value)[0].'" '.((!empty($_GET['sub_id']) && $_GET['sub_id'] == array_keys($sub_value)[0]) ? "selected" : "") .'>'.$sub_value[array_keys($sub_value)[0]].'</option>';

    if (!empty($_GET['id']) && $_GET['id'] == $cat_key) {
        $pt->show_sub = true;
if($pt->show_sub) {


it eliminates the drop-down list to choose a subcategory, so there’s no way to display subcategory pages without that code.

And on the html page file there is also this code:

<?php if ($pt->page == 'category' && $pt->show_sub == true) { ?>
<script type="text/javascript">
$(document).on('change', '#category_id', function(event) {
	id = $(this).val();
$(document).on('change','#sub_categories_', function(event) {
	window.location.href = site_url+'/videos/category/<?php echo($_GET['id']) ?>/'+$('#sub_categories_').val();


Any additional assistance is welcomed


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Thanks for your reply.
I'm trying to get help to determine if the php file outputs the subcategory.

And then I'll be looking for guidance to ultimately have a search form appear on the page when it's  a subcategory page.

I had tried echo-ing the Form onto the sub-category page by adding to the php file ( https://pastebin.com/zgbELKJf ) this:

$injectForm = "";

 - - -etc.- - -

$injectForm = "<form action=\"content.php\" method=\"GET\" id=\"sub-search\">
<input id=\"search\" name=\"keywords\" type=\"text\" placeholder=\"Type here\">
<input type=\"submit\" value=\"Search\" />

and added this to the html page:

echo $injectForm;

but no success with displaying the Search Form onto a subcategory page


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