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Button with NO 'onclick' Causes Page Action


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I have a page with a 'continue' button:

<input class="th_s" data-i18n="[value]report.ContinueButtonResource1" id="MainContinueButton" type="button" value="Continue"/>

When this button is clicked it appears to trigger some Ajax script but I can't figure out how it can do anything when clicked. Can someone help me figure out how this button is working? TIA.

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I assume you've already searched your code for "MainContinueButton" to see if something added a handler to that specific button?

You should know if it does AJAX by monitoring the part of the developer tools that shows you network requests and seeing that a request gets made. If Firefox's is anything like Chrome's then it can also tell you where the request originated from in code.

For breakpoints, I don't know Firefox or what it can do. It should be possible to break on any newly running Javascript code, but it's easy for things like mouse movements to hit that too. Meanwhile Chrome's tools can list the event listeners registered on elements.

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