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Can someone help me with this code?


This is OK
<?php echo ($compra); ?>

This is Not, probably 'cause de Hyphen
<?php echo ($class-variacion); ?>


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First, please use the code icon (<>) in the menu and specify PHP for your code. You don't say what error your are getting but that syntax is probably wrong. You don't show how $class is defined but as a guess given almost no information from you I'd say you want this:

<?php echo ($class->variacion); ?>


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5 hours ago, Sunnyisles said:

I just need to echo class-variacion from this url https://mercados.ambito.com//dolar/informal/variacion

This doesn't use your api but if page is always formatted that way then possibly

   $dolar=explode("\",", substr_replace(trim($json_dolar, '{}') ,"",-1));
	echo trim(explode("\":\"", $dolar[4])[1])."<br><br>";
	foreach($dolar as $key => $value){
		echo $value." OR ".trim(explode("\":\"", $dolar[$key])[1])."<br>";


Which displays



"compra":"202,50 OR 202,50
"venta":"206,50 OR 206,50
"fecha":"04\/01\/2022 - 16:45 OR 04\/01\/2022 - 16:45
"variacion":"0,24% OR 0,24%
"class-variacion":"up OR up


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15 hours ago, Sunnyisles said:


You can work with hyphenated attribute names, but you have to wrap them up a bit more:  



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