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Greeting php freaks.


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Hi Arend.  I Don't know how long ago you did any PHP but much has changed.

The biggest change is that any new project should involve the use of the Composer.  https://getcomposer.org/

The language has a lot of new syntax and improvements, and it's also faster than it has ever been.

PHP has 2 of the best MVC frameworks in the web development world in Symfony and Laravel.  

Most professional PHP developers are using phpStorm as their editor. 

With that said, for beginners and people who are coding as a hobby, I personally recommend Visual Studio Code with the Intelephense plugin.  It's free, but there's an enhanced version license you can get for $15 that includes additional highly valuable features that make VSCode better for PHP development.  It's very worth the small investment.

You should learn about git and start using it.  If you don't already have one make a github account.  Here's a solid tutorial on the git basics you need to know, that I've reviewed and can recommend as providing a solid foundational understanding in 30 minutes.



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