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Looking for someone who is into Image and document scanning and PHP , Cross Platform MacOS, WIndows, Linux, Android, iOS, ChromeOS


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I have a few projects that I have created in PHP. Most of these projects have to do  with document or image scanning over  the eSCL protocol.

Because I am very ill , I am looking for whom I can pass on the code to in the event of my demise. 

Project 1 Shares a Windows installed WIA or Twain scanner over the eSCL/AirScan Protocol This makes the scanner shared to other platforms , see below. (was built on PHP 8 ) 

Project 2 is a "middleware" driver for Linux and MacOS that supports a number of s400w based scanners , allowing them to work in Native apps on OSX, and  Linux while also allowing the scanner to be shared. (Was built on PHP 7 MacOSX10.15 and Tested on Ubuntu 20.4)

Project 3  is similar to Project 2 but currently is Linux only and needs some of the newer code from Project 2. It however runs on Linux (MacOS would be easy too). It is different from Project 2 in that it features a scanning GUI to scan from a web browser as well as eSCL. That GUI also allows some editing features by way of Imagemagick. It works also with the same scanners as Project 2 the s400w based scanners.  (was built on PHP 7 Raspberry Pi 2 & 3 tested on Ubuntu at one point) 

Project 4  to be taken from Project 3 but will be a full web GUI for scanning with any eSCL protocol scanner (or Project 1 or 2 above) and would run on Windows, Mac or Linux.


What is eSCL protocol?

eSCL is driverless scanning . Apple calls it AirPrint Scanning or AirScan . It is the native method for scanning on MacOS so any eSCL scanner is Mac compatible. It is also used by Linux with the SANE-Airscan backend (I recommend this over the eSCL back-end). Android and ChromeOS can scan from an eSL scanner using Mopria Scan. iOS can scan from eSCL using AirScanner app


Over the last few years I have dedicated a lot of time to these projects which only now seem to be "coming of age" due to the increased popularity of eSCL.

I am not a real "PHP Developer" I have done it out of need and a desire to learn. 

I am looking for someone who  has the same kind of love for projects like these and who can help with these projects and carry the torch beyond my existence. 

I currently have a web site for projects 1 and 2 and there is an older version of Project3 on Github  


it is best to contact markosjal at the email with a G. DO NOT MESSAGE ME ON THIS FORUM


  attached image is from Project 3


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Hello Markosjal.  

I'm sorry to hear of your illness.  I very much hope you will make a recovery.  In my opinion the best place for all your projects to be is github.  If you want some help in keeping those projects viable under the circumstances, you are welcome to use this technique to invite me to your repos:  https://docs.github.com/en/account-and-profile/setting-up-and-managing-your-github-user-account/managing-access-to-your-personal-repositories/inviting-collaborators-to-a-personal-repository

If you are unable to continue, I can at least carry on finding people to keep your projects moving forward, and perhaps do some cleanup of whatever php libraries you have.  

Like the forum, my github name is gizmola.

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