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Looking for someone to help and collaborate on a small project with me!


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Hi there!
I am looking for someone that has some spare time to help me with a small project.

I specifically need someone to set up "communication" between an Autohotkey Script and a WooCommerce Webstores Licensing Plugin which is using Rest API (to copy protect the AHK script and sell as a digital product).

To be bluntly honest, I have little to no budget to pay you. BUT if needed I will provide a small complimentary payment to kickstart the project. If you decide to keep working with me I promise to share all future profits with you 50/50.

I am a broke 31 year old with ADHD, depression and anxiety issues who can't reliably function in a 9 to 5 job and is trying to finally make a few bucks online to achieve self employment, some day. I also want to learn from you, so I would like you to teach me what you do while we are working closely together via Discord.

I know this is a lot to ask, especially because your skills and your time could most probably be financially more efficiently used than by helping me.

However, I have had some ideas how this may work:


- Before we begin, I will provide all research and work that I have done so far so you can estimate the effort before committing to help.

- Right from the beginning, we will set a small, specific goal, I believe it is very easy to achieve for you in just a couple of hours and would help kickstart the project. From there on I could try to sell and market the product and we could see if it sells.

- There may be countless opportunities to create similar branch, future products to sell and reach a wider customer market. This is my belief so far, feel free to judge for yourself once we talk about the details.

- I want to keep this a 2 person collaborative project, only you and me, so any profit will only be split between us.

If there is anyone out there, who is interested to help. Just hit me up on Discord with a friend request and a message so we can talk. My Username: vinnn#2771
Thank you for considering. 🙏

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