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Custom query for count if against three tables...


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In my db I have 2 tables I need to pull data from and run a count if somehow.  The db_cust table has all the customer data.  The db_devices has a few thousand entries on devices that are either being billed, promotional, cancelled etc.  So I am looking for a way to have a single query that will look at the db_devices and count each device that has a "billable" example below...

Test Customer     -                   5
Great Customer    -                 38
Really Great Customer      -   235

it would look at db_devices.agencyname and count each instance of where that field contains a "1" as that is the billable int.


customer 4567 (Test Customer) has 38 devices listed but some are cancelled, lost and some are free for being nice etc etc and 5 are billable it would return a 5 for the count if bill_type='1'

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the following is the SELECT query prototype definition, with the elements you will need in bold -

    select_expr [, select_expr ...]
    [FROM table_references
    [WHERE where_condition]
    [GROUP BY {col_name | expr | position}
      [ASC | DESC], ... [WITH ROLLUP]]
    [HAVING where_condition]
    [ORDER BY {col_name | expr | position}
      [ASC | DESC], ...]

    [LIMIT {[offset,] row_count | row_count OFFSET offset}]
    [PROCEDURE procedure_name(argument_list)]
    [INTO OUTFILE 'file_name'
        [CHARACTER SET charset_name]
      | INTO DUMPFILE 'file_name'
      | INTO var_name [, var_name]]

the select_expr would include a COUNT() term to get the number of matching rows per group, along with any other columns you want in the result.

the FROM table_references would include a JOIN between the two (or is it three as the title says) tables.

the WHERE where_condition would match the column and value for billable items.

the GROUP BY col_name would group by the customer id/name column.

the ORDER BY col_name would sort the results the way you want, such as by the customer name.

give this a try.

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