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Need critiques and "indexing-crawling" help


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Hello to everybody,

I need critiques and "website crawling help" about my website http://enginery.freecluster.eu . My crawling question was that: I tried google search console tools to add my website's sitemap and add it : http://enginery.freecluster.eu/sitemap.xml . It says my sitemap is ok and found 312 pages but not crawl all correctly! Three weeks have passed but nothing changed. I manually request indexing some pages(about 4 pages) and google search console, after than today it only shows some of them(not all 4) when I search using "site:http://enginery.freecluster.eu". My website's all files have php extensions. Did this prevent googlebot to reach the content of my websites' pages? My robots.txt file's content is :

User-agent: Googlebot
Allow: /

User-agent: *
Allow: /

Sitemap: http://enginery.freecluster.eu/sitemapv1.xml

Any critiques and help is appreciated. Thanks.

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Hi again, I noticed that, some CSS graphical coding in my web page cause high GPU usage so I remove all CSS patterns. So it will become very simple and fast in terms of loading speed. I used small sized images for thumbs which increase speed too. I also changed my website's xml sitemap; this time I only used folder based page locations, not using query types(i.e using & etc.) , maybe this time search engines will crawl my pages, I hope :)

Since still there seems a excluded $ of pages are 307 which is nearly the 95% of the whole site... Eagle hopes that :)

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