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PHP upload error.


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there's no field named submit in the form, and even if there was, it won't be included in the form data since it isn't a successful form control at the time the form was submitted, since the form is being submitted via an on change event. i recommend that you instead detect in the php code if a post method from was submitted. i also recommend that you log the $_POST and $_FILES data at the start of the php code so that you can see what is being submitted. none of this has anything to do with the linked to stack overflow thread.

also in the php code, if the total size of the form data exceeds the post_max_size setting, both the $_POST and $_FILES arrays will be empty. after you have detected if a post method form was submitted, you must detect this condition and setup a message for the user that the form data was too large and could not be processed. if there is $_FILES data, you must then test the ['error'] element before using any of the uploaded file information. the ['error'] element will be a zero if the file successfully uploaded and can be processed.

lastly, since you are using ajax to upload the file, nothing the upload.php file does in the way of redirecting will have any affect on the web page being displayed in the browser. you would want to output failure or success messages back to the ajax code to be displayed in the browser.

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