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Class PDO not found in var/www/html/

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Php version : 7.2.24

Os:Linux Mint



Here it is I have a local web server that I'm trying to handle mysql databases with PDO,but I get "Class pdo not found",php7.2-pdo is installed and activated but not loaded,I think I found where the problem is,pdo's extensions are in different directory than usual "usr/include/php/XXXXX/ext/pdo" where "XXXXX" is a number,but I run a phpinfo page the modules that are loaded are in  /etc/php/7.2/apache2/conf.d

Even if I make sure that extension_dir points to my extensions files it still doesn't work

I need some help to fix that,Thanks in advance!!





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I'm not familiar with Mint, but here are some things to check in your phpinfo output.

  • extension_dir - Should specify /usr/include/php/XXXXX/ext if that is where your pdo.so file is located.  All your extensions should be in the same directory.
  • Scan this dir for additional .ini files - should specify /etc/php/7.2/apache2/conf.d which is where the configuration files for your extensions would be located.  There should be a file (or symlink) here for PDO, make sure it exists.
  • Additional .ini files parsed - Should list the files in the conf.d directory, and the PDO file should be in the mix.

If some part of that isn't true then either there's some configuration error to be sorted out or Mint just does things differently.


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  • Solution

Thanks! I've already solved the problem which was simply because I have two different directory in which there are extensions ,I just specified the one that appears in phpinfo page and all errors were gone,now I simply need some help to add videos path into mysql db to make a streaming website...well that's not the right section(^^) but since you're the only one that answers me,see you in the coding help section to give me some tips!

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