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Hey Community From Scotland & North Northumberland


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Hi peeps,

Im Scott, from Scotland.... ock aye the noo (before anyone else says it),

Just thought i would introduce myself to the community and make some new friends along the way hopefully.

I play guitar, sing, was on Xfactor 2010 (didnt get through though) i like Dr WHO and like a true Scotsman i can drink alot and handle my Whiskey....

Although my day-2-day jobs have always been in retail i have been a secret programmer all my life, hence i am here today i would like to meet fellow programmers, share ideas, share support and show of my projects and pimp myself for work.

Recently being made redundant TWICE during covid i have decided to go out on my own and sell my programming skills and build projects/applications for other people.

Over the years i have used lots of platforms starting out back in the day with SkyPortal an ASP CMS before WordPress days, since then i have been hooked on building addons, plugins, modules, applications whatever you want to call them.

I was just sick of always being let down with free downloaded "addons", they either didnt do EVERYTHING i wanted it to OR you had to pay too much to unlock the feature you need or they bombarded my applications with advertising so since then if i needed a tool, i programmed it myself to get the job done!

Ive been told i have a unique way of looking at problems and being able to resolve them with code and automation i suppose im a problem solver as well as a developer/inventor/programmer 

Ive just setup my own project website and want to build up a portfolio of scripts, plugins, applications and really ive joined this community today to share these, get valuable feedback, input and suggestions and meet like minded people to share ideas and support.

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40 minutes ago, Barand said:

I'd have expected a true Scotch whisky drinker to be able to spell it correctly.

And please read the forum rules, #5 and #7 in particular.

Thank you very much for your kind welcome, and as advised i have read the rules thank you, i hate spam.

I hate it when i get 100 emails a day from the same person/company trying to sell me the same thing, but those guys who just email me once and showcase there relevant stuff to me i can accept.

Not everything is spam just because someone said "hello here is what i do", spam for me is when someone designs a script to say "hello here is what i do" every 5 minutes until your sick of it. But i guess older people who have that sign on the door "no junk mail please" are from diffirent times.


Maybe there should also be rules about bullying or highlighting the fact that some people cant spell and mocking them in public?

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