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Hi, we have a wordpress website that needs the php updating, currently running  version 5.6.40 wordpress is recommending version 7.4 firstly would updating affect our site?

Another  problem is we have a shift rota that sits on our web space it's a stand a.one program that is php outdated but is very very important to our opperation, whilst we are all volunteer's we are integrated in the uk national search and rescue. If we update wordpress would this affect the rota in any way and would it affect the  addressing from the menu on the website? As you have already guessed we are pretty hopeless whith php 



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1 hour ago, Fastbysuzuki said:

firstly would updating affect our site?

I can almost guarantee that yes, yes it will. 5.6 to 7.4 is quite a leap.

For the other question, I'm not entirely sure what a rota is - let alone what 'addressing from the menu' is - but it's tough for anyone to tell if it'll be affected by upgrading WordPress without knowing what the integration is. If it's a WP plugin (and an old one at that as it runs on 5.6) then yes, it'll probably break.

Honestly, even as a coalition of volunteers if the site is that important to your organization and the work it's doing, it's going to be worth it to hire a professional to upgrade it for you - a good pro will spin up the site locally and test all the upgrades before they even touch the live site and can more than likely fix any issues they come across. Maybe a GoFundMe drive can help?

Unless you're in the mood to learn a lot rather quickly. At that point there are plenty of people here ready and willing to help you out when what you tried on your local version of the site explodes for random reasons.

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