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Hi, whoever you are who is going to solve this.


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I like to code programs that make life a
little easier. This project is to display accounts in a database I use showing login info,
lastime used and number of times. I also want to be able to click and go to the account.

Everything works except that I can't relocate to the url. I include screenshots of the

screen1) ready for account selection for
screen2) shows account chosen
screen3) shows row with information
go to url
screen4) result

and the current code:

<!DOCTYPE><html><head><title>email menu</title></head>
<form name="form" method="post" action="">
//============== check connection
{echo "Can't Connect to mySQL:".mysqli_connect_error(); exit; }
{echo "Connected to mySQL</br>";}
//This creates the drop down box
echo "<select name= 'target'>";
echo '<option value="">'.'--- Select lookup account---'.'</option>';
$query = mysqli_query($con,"SELECT target FROM emailtbl");
$query_display = mysqli_query($con,"SELECT * FROM emailtbl");
{echo "<option value='". $row['target']."'>".$row['target']
echo '</select>';

<input type="submit" name="submit" value="Submit"/>
$name = $_POST['target'];
$fetch="SELECT id, target, called, username, password, purpose, emailused,lastused, count FROM emailtbl WHERE target = '".$name."'";
$result = mysqli_query($con,$fetch);
{echo "Error:".(mysqli_error($con));}
//display the table
echo '<table border="1">'.'<tr>'.'<td bgcolor="#ccffff align="center">'. 'lookup menu'. '</td>'.'</tr>';
echo '<tr>'.'<td>'.'<table border="1">'.'<tr>'.'
<td bgcolor="#CFB53B align="center">'.'id'.'</td>'.'
<td bgcolor="#CFB53B align="center">'.'target'.'</td>'.'
<td bgcolor="#CFB53B align="center">'.'called'.'</td>'.'
<td bgcolor="#ccffff align="center">'.'username'.'</td>'.'
<td bgcolor="#ccffff align="center">'.'password'.'</td>'.'
<td bgcolor="#ccffff align="center">'.'purpose'. '</td>'.'
<td bgcolor="#ccffff align="center">'.'emailused'.'</td>'.'
<td bgcolor="#CFB53B align="center">'.'lastused'.'</td>'.'
<td bgcolor="#CFB53B align="center">'.'count'. '</td>'.'</tr>';
{echo ("<tr><td>$data[0]</td><td>$data[1]</td><td>$data[2]</td><td>$data[3]</td>
echo '</table>'.'</td>'.'</tr>'.'</table>';
$sql = "UPDATE emailtbl SET lastused=NOW(), count=$count + 1 WHERE id=$id";
if ($con->query($sql) === TRUE) { echo "Record updated successfully"; }
else { echo "Error updating record: " . $con->error; }
<button onclick="myFunction('<?php echo $target;?>')">go to url</button>







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By using 

<button onclick="myFunction('<?php echo $target;?>')">go to url</button>

And from looking at the code:


You are asking the myfunction to look for 'target'

That's all it will look for is 'target'.

Change it to 


I could be wrong though. But that's how I am seeing it.

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