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Need to send and receive XML from MySQL

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I am trying to do something, but not quite sure I do it with MySQL or PHP. Basically, I want to collect some information from a visitor through a webpage, enter it into MySQL, and then provide them a Thank You page.


I then want to take some of that data, and pass it via SOAP or XML to a partner using PHP or something, and then parse their XML response and enter the data in another table.


Not sure if this can be done. I know MySQL 5 has stored procedures, however, I'm only on 3.23.58. Any way to do this, or should I upgrade?

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First, you should definitely upgrade, at least to 4.1 -- 3.23.x is quite old, and lacks many features.


Second, I don't see what the problem is. You don't need to dump the raw XML into a table temporarily (though you could for archival reasons); simply send it off to be parsed, and enter whatever name/value pairs directly into your MySQL tables.


Did I miss something?

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