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How can you generate a sysid with PHP?

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I worked with ServiceNow for many years. They have a very interesting database. 
Every record in the entire data base has a field called the sysid. This number combined with a table name  makes that record unique amongst all the ServiceNow  databases in the entire world.

if you transfer a data record from your ServiceNow database into any other ServiceNow database in the world that sysid will remain the same.

i’m trying to create a function to do this with PHP. how would you even do that?

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I know an application with lots of database tables. Each record has a blargh identifier that is unique across all blarghs in the world. Do you think they're the same as sysids?

I can't tell you how to create a "sysid". I can tell you about things like UUIDs.

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Did a little research.

A ServiceNow sys_id is a 32 character  universally  unique ID (UUID). The Servicenow sys_id Is however  a little bit different than a typical UUID. The sys_id must be combined with the table name to uniquely identify a specific record in any Servicenow database anywhere in the world.
i’ve never written a UUID generator but I can tell you that none of them are perfect.

GUID and UUID are the same thing. 

They’re  are plenty of PHP algorithms to generate UUIDs out there. 




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