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Empty function no longer detects an empty select list


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I have some very simple code in a PHP web application that is something like this:


<select name="my_select" id="my_select" value="">

  <option value=""></option>

  <option value="1">Pass</option>

  <option value="0">Fail</option>


if (empty($_POST['myselect'])) {

  // if no select value is chosen, field value = current value

  $field_value = $_REQUEST['field_value'];

} else {

  // else set field value to select value

  $field_value = $_POST['select_value'];


$sql = "update my table

        set field_value = :field_value";


If the user chooses a value from the select list, that value is used to update a table. If the select value is empty, the field value stays as is. A button triggers the update query.

This has been working fine until today. Now, if the user selects a value, the field is updated to 1 / Pass. But if the button is clicked again and no value is chosen, the field is automatically updated to the opposite value, 0 / Fail.

I can't figure out why this is suddenly happening after it worked correctly for so long. Any input you may have would be appreciated.

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Where does $_REQUEST have to do with this?  You are apparently processing a POST method on a form so stick with that!

And what do the fields "field_value" and "select_value" have to do with this topic? You are only showing us one form field and it is named "my_select".

And you are trying to access a field named "myselect" but you are not showing us that field in your code example either.

And - when one posts code here you should use the <> symbol at the top of you window to post the code into.  Makes for nicer reading.  And leave out the extra blank lines too if you can.

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