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best forum site out there so far, i would like to see a tutorials section appear

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yes but everything doesnt have to be easy. i was just suggesting this because i saw tons of tutorials that are leading to deprecated stuff or even a lot who are teaching people to write code in a risky way. i am not sure who could write those , but a lot of platform are offering this and it seems to work. in practice all you would need to do is to get people who have tutorials written to send a request to post them and then would be left to approve them or not.  but like i said it is a simple suggestion maybe even personal at this point since i really appreciate this website and would like to be able to learn the best stuff i need in a single place.  

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But what's to prevent us from having the same "deprecated stuff" problem in a couple years? What could we do to make the tutorial concept actually successful?

I'm not just making these questions up: I worked on a site that had the exact same idea, and we even got some people to write a few, but writing them is hard so nobody wanted to keep making more and soon the ones that had been made previously fell out of date.

It's a great idea on paper. It's a difficult idea in practice.

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yes i agree with you . i wonder how openclassroom did. it started small and got bigger with time , i remember when i was using le site du zero when i was younger and now its a website deserving diploma. but i understand that this is not the same purpose for every website, what you have here is already great with a majoritary nice community.

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