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Hi, I've been out of it for a long time but I've just written a PHP back end in a REST style.


I'm thinking I like the idea of writing the front end using JS. I'm looking for tutorials explaining best practices and how to handle common things like login, page changes, pagination, which JS library to use, etc.


I feel like I must be entering the wrong tags into YT as the results I'm seeing aren't that helpful.



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"Best practices" only apply to very specific questions. There is no single answer to "how do I make a login page" but there are a couple for "how do I handle password resetting".

If you're looking to learn frontend Javascript then the most common answer is React, but there are also others like Vue and Angular that have a following.

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You can always go old school and code your own with plain JS or jQuery at which point there really isn't a single "best practice" other than don't expose passwords, make sure you validate data, and never trust user input; however you'll be better off following requinix's advice and checking out the main three frameworks. I'll admit I find Vue easier than React and Angular, but that's just a personal opinion so your mileage may vary.

Even using one of these, don't expose passwords, make sure you validate data, and never trust user input.

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