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Fetching a set of records using PDO prepare execute


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Hi. I have tried to use the prepare and execute on a sample table of people. This should returm to people with first name Bruce. Not sure what this bindParam is all about. Picked it up on an IBM PDO web site.

$pdo = connectDB();
$Name = "Bruce";
$sql= ("SELECT * FROM PDO WHERE Name_F = ?"); // $Name goes here
$stmt = $pdo->prepare($sql);
// $stmt->bindParam(1, $Name);

while ($row = $stmt->fetch())
	echo $row['Name_F'] . " - " .  $row['Name_S'] . " - " .  $row['DOB'] . "<br>";	
echo "Music count = " . $stmt->rowCount();


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Soooo close!

Try this since the execute wants an array as its argument:


Adding the brackets turns that arg from a string to an array.  Voila!

BTW - one should not use the * for a list of fields in the select statement.  Always specify what you want to retrieve.

As in:

$q = "select Name_F, Name_S, DOB from ....... '

BTW #2 - is your table name really PDO?

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