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Homebrew troubles..

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hi, so far with Homebrew I have installed Tomcat and Java.. however, when I search for Tomcat or Java I simply can't find them anywhere in my computer... the Tomcat installation comes comes with a bunch of dirs, among them a dir webapps, which is where you put the websites in Tomcat.. I can't find any of it...  I have attached a screenshot of the Tomcat file structure in my old computer..  I can't find any of these dirs in my current computer after having installed Tomcat..

is stuff installed with Homebrew so hidden or something that you just can't find them?  if I want to look at error logs in Tomcat, for example, how would I go about that?  or if I want to get to the conf dir, which is where the config files are in Tomcat?  not to speak of the web apps dir?

I just don't get this.. I installed PHP env with MAMP, it works fine....  if I can't solve these Homebrew issues I won't use it...  I'll just install Java, Tomcat, "manually"... 

thank you for any help/suggestions..


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It is pretty hard know what to tell you, as there are a lot of potential variables regarding the type of mac you are using and the OS version.

If one of your primary uses of your mac is java development, then I wouldn't recommend homebrew.  I would suggest that you install either the openjdk or oracle version of the sdk.

This article covers installation of the current version of OS/X (Ventura) https://wolfpaulus.com/tomcat/

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hi.. thank you for your response..

my primary development will actually be in PHP... 

I actually would use Tomcat and Java very little...

but I still would like to know why I can't find anything in my computer that I have installed with Homebrew.. is this normal? it just doesn't make sense to me...

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now if I type "brew help" or any other "brew" command in Terminal it says "brew command not found"...

I don't get this... this Homebrew thing is truly bizarre...

(it was installed.. I clicked on up arrow and found my commands from last week to brew-install both Tomcat and Java..  it didn't tell me then that it couldn't find command "brew"....)  I just don't get this...  I executed again the command to install Tomcat and again got told "brew" command not found..

so now my Homebrew just disappeared? this is not too reliable...

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