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buttons and cookies


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How do I save or what is the syntax  to save a button in a cookie?  test site    test  I did try a header like <h3>Hello</h3> but get error with a boot5 button.




 $mp = "vids/coli.mp4";
  $dall ="aaa";// echo "dall=".$dall;
  $uep = `<button type="button" class="btn btn-warning" onmouseover="show(0)" onmouseout="hide(0)" onclick="skip(-5000) ">0:0:0</button>`; //echo "uep=".$uep;




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It's a long story but if you go to this site in development, you will get a better idea what I am trying to do. It is a system to build like a 'TOC' or entry ponits  on the video . The buttons when clicked goto whatever cuttennt-vid-time you have set. It is for video presentations and other things.  Go into the video and click the new ep button, You will get a popup explaining the operation, When done I want to savethe src of the video,  comments for the entry points and the buttons added in cookies  Use the red EP button as return after  playing the video a few seconds and adj to desired EP


Video site 

The actual php (reached by ajax) to set cookies 


if(isset($_POST["mp"])){   // echo "set";
  $mp = $_POST["mp"];
  $dall = $_POST["dall"];// echo "dall=".$dall;
  $uep = $_POST["uep"]; //echo "uep=".$uep;
     $_SESSION["mp"] = $mp;
    $_SESSION["dall"] = $dall; echo "sesdall".$_SESSION["dall"];
    $_SESSION["uep"] =  $uep;  echo "sesuep".$_SESSION["uep"];



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Still not following, and I can't go through your site at the moment, but:

It typically doesn't make sense to put values into both the session and cookies. One of them is enough: put the values in the session if you want to remember it for the user account (kinda), or put the values in cookies if you want to remember it for the device they're browsing with.
And if you choose to use cookies only, you don't even need AJAX - you can create cookies perfectly fine with Javascript.

So, then, I guess, general troubleshooting: Can you see that the AJAX request is being POSTed correctly with the right data? Does your browser show the cookies updating values, or at the very least expiration times?

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Yes.  Is this still an open topic?  Usually people let us know when they are done with it.  Although I would love to know what you mean by 'saving' a button?  A button is simply some code so how would one do that and then use a 'saved button'?

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