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Problems viewing local files

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Hi there,


I just reinstalled Apache Server (version 1.3), also to upgrade php to version 5.


During the installation, the program prompted me to fill out a form containing a server name et cetera. So I did, but now, everytime I try to view local files using [a href=\"http://localhost/foobar\" target=\"_blank\"]http://localhost/foobar[/a] (with 'foobar' being the folder name in /htdocs), Apache tries to contact the http adress I made the Server Name. So the browser is trying to display www.servername.com/foobar instead of localhost/foobar, which of course, does not exist for it's a local file.


It probably is dead simple to bypass, but how can I make Apache show me just my local files?


The weird thing is, sometimes, when I type in the exact path to the file, it DOES show me the right file, however, when I try to view a PHP page, the browser shows me the script as plain text.


Third and last: I want my localhost to be an open dir for faster browsing. I can't really find a proper index.html to delete to make this happen.


I really need to have my testing server up and running to complete some jobs before I reached the deadline so any help would be highly appreciated.

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