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Let's See... Auto-Incrementing Variable + SQL Info..

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Alright, I'll try and explain this as best I can.


I have baseball player's contracts listed in a big database. The years of their contract are listed in under columns entitled "contract_byr1," "contract_byr2," (etc) all the way up to "contract_byr10." Also, there's another column called "contract_length."


Now, I call to the SQL database using...

$conRow = mysql_fetch_array($getContract);
$totalYears = $conRow['contract_years'];


Now, once it comes time to display the salary, I have a for loop set up like this:

for($displayYear = '1'; $displayYear <= $totalYears; $currentYear++)


OK, I tried using this code within the aforementioned loop:

print "Year $displayYear salary: " 
$curConYear = "contract_byr$currentYear";
$tempSalary = $conRow['$curConYear'];
print $tempSalary;


Unfortunately, it doesn't return any value... so clearly something in the above code listing is wrong! I'm 99% sure the "$conRow['$curConYear']" method doesn't work, so what alternatives do I have?


When it outputs, it basically looks like this:

Year 1: (nothing)

Year 2: (nothing)



Thanks, your support is much appreciated!

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Echo each query after constructing it. At least then you'll know exactly what the query is that isn't giving you what you want. Maybe that'll point the way.

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I found out what I was doing wrong.


I had it like this:

print $conRow['$tempVal'];


But I guess with the half quotes around $tempVal it was using the name of the variable, as opposed to the value of it! Doh!


Thanks people.

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